Kopykat joins Two Sides

Kopykat has joined Two Sides which is an organisation set up to counteract some of the myths surrounding the print and paper industry from an environmental point of view. Its membership spans the whole graphic communications value chain. Two Sides seeks to ensure that, by fostering a better understanding of our industry's environmental credentials, Print and Paper through its myriad of uses from commercial applications to the basis of learning and creativity, remains the essential communication medium of choice. Browse the website www.twosides.info you will be surprised at some of the things you find out.

Birthday posters

Ever thought of a poster as a birthday present? We can scan your photos creating a collage effect then print to either A2, A1 or even A0 and mount onto polyboard for you to display at a friends birthday bash. We have done this recently for a couple of clients and it has gone down well at the party. Of course you could do this for lots of other events as well maybe the best man at a wedding could get some embarrassing photos of the groom!

Digital booklets

It has been a busy weekend at Kopykat we had shifts on until 11pm both Friday and Saturday evenings in order to print a large digital booklet job that is wanted for a meeting 11am on Monday the order was placed Friday at 4pm. If all goes well we should finish the job for 10pm tonight Sunday then we can look forward to a relaxing restful week ahead. He says with tongue firmly in cheek!

B2 printing London

Looking for a B2 printer in London? Look no further we have both B2 presses and B3. B2 is suitable for multi-page booklets and brochures as well as general marketing collateral such as leaflets, newsletters and postcards. You will also find that longer run lengths tend to be printed B2 for example 40k letterheads would almost certainly be a B2 job. Smaller run work under 5k would more likely be printed on a B3 press which is half the size of B2. You do not as a client have to make this decision the printer will use his experience to select the most suitable machine at the most competitive rate for you.

FSC Chain of Custody

Just been told that we have passed our annual FSC chain of custody audit. This is great news as it allows us to print the FSC logo on a clients print job should they want us to assuming of course the paper comes from an FSC source. Chain of custody shows the journey of the raw material from a well managed sustainable forest to the paper mill, the printer and eventually the end user. FSC was originally set up by the furniture industry to stop illegal logging.