Unfair Business Rates Rise

Many businesses around the UK are facing a rates rise that is seen as completely unfair. It will decimate high streets around the country and stifle job creation. A campaign is building to defend businesses affected. Locally in the Hackney area not only are businesses facing a rates rise they are facing severe rent rises in some cases far exceeding 100% ourselves included. Some of the rent rises are instigated by part government owned bodies. Many businesses are leaving the Hackney area due to these excessive demands. Two well-known, established and respected print groups have gone into administration citing rent per square foot and a a tail off in business as major factors. In a nutshell it was not worth fighting on and taking the risk of the increased overheads. Outside of London in areas such as Southwold, Suffolk high street shops that have been there for generations could close due to the excessive increase in overheads.

This morning we attended a meeting organised by Hackney Council, The Mayor of Hackney Philip Glanville and the East End Trades Guild @eastendtrade to start a campaign to reverse the decision or at least soften it and re-evaluate it. Shoreditch and Dalston have become vibrant business communities due to the efforts of many small businesses over the last few years and now through the short sighted attitude of some landlords and government bodies the things that made these areas successful and regenerated them will be ruined. We hope this decision will be reversed please copy and paste this link to sign the petition https://t.co/8SSkvN96Pp