Leaflets and Flyers

We often get asked how quickly we can produce leaflets and flyers, the answer is mostly very quickly. If you just need small amounts perhaps under 1000 they can often be printed same day sometimes within a couple of hours depending on what else we have on. They tend to be printed using digital printing. Leaflets that are available same day tend to be flat double sided leaflets although it is sometimes possible to produce a leaflet that also needs folding although this has an extra operation as it has to pass through a folding machine. One of the most common issues we come across is a customer may need several thousand leaflets and needs the job the same day or next morning and as it has been left until the last minute this can have cost implications. Printing 5000 leaflets for example is more cost effective printed traditional offset litho whereby plates are made than using digital printing. Offset litho is also considered to be a better quality with a wider choice of materials the downside is it needs slightly longer to produce than a leaflet printed using digital print. If time allows printing offset printing can save a customer a considerable amount. Kopykat can print small quantities of leaflets under 50 if necessary up to very large amounts sometimes 200k although average offset orders tend to be between 2000 and 20,000. The key is to allow a decent lead time so you give yourself options on how best to produce the leaflet or flyer. Another bonus is that flyers and leaflets tend to be vat exempt and are a great way of marketing your company.